My name is Keely Chaisson, and you’ve found my little corner of the internet. I’m passionate about many things, and I used to manage many different sites to have space to talk about all of them. Now all of my projects are consolidated here at Keelium.com–materials related to my work as a school teacher, my private tutoring work, my hand-dyeing work, as well as a bit of personal writing. Hopefully I’ve made it all easy enough to navigate, but if you have any questions that my site doesn’t currently answer, please feel free to message me at [email protected]!

Keely Chaisson Tutoring


Looking for math, science, writing, or test prep tutoring? 

Ms. Chaisson's Education Resources


Over here you'll find everything related to Ms. Chaisson's classroom teaching.

Keelium Dyed Goods

Everything related to my hand-dyeing business.